Fried Baby Corn

14 06 2009
Fried Baby Corn

Fried Baby Corn

Today I and my wife prepared Fried Baby corn. The recipe is available here. Of course, we customized it a bit with Potato Chips, Fried Cashews, Coriander leaves etc.

The taste? Simply Superb!!


Travelling by Air? Don’t forget to claim your mileage points

6 06 2009

Almost every airline carrier now a days has or is associated with flight miles clubs. If you are travelling by air, do not forget to claim your free points for these clubs. You can redeem these points for future airline tickets, shopping etc.

In India, Kingfisher has King Club and Jet Airways has JetPrivilege programme. Like wise Lufthasa is associated with Miles and More Club. You can register for these programmes online for free through the airline websites. Not only that there are some partnerships between some airlines which allow you to earn miles for flying in partnering airlines.

Let me explain in a sample scenario, if you are travelling by Emirates Airlines from USA to Hyderabad. Emirates is a partner airline for King Club, so for flying in Emirates you can earn miles in King Club. In this scenario, you require to go to Kingfisher airlines website and register for King Club (if you are not already registered), you will instantly get a membership number.

You need to submit this membership number to Emirates Airlines (you may submit online, or mention at the time of checkin). Once you travel is complete, Emirates will transfer the miles to King Club. In this scenario, for flying from USA to Hyderabad in Economy will earn you about 9000 miles in King Club. With these 9000 miles, you can book free airline tickets in King Fisher Airlines. So, these 9000 miles are worth about Rs.9000 or more.

Like wise, if you travel by Lufthansa you can get miles in Miles and More which you can redeem with IndiaTimes Shopping. Or you may earn JetPrivilege miles as Lufthansa is associated with Jet Airways.

So, the point here is: Check if the airline you are flying with has partnerships with any airline clubs in your home country. If it has one, register for that club and get miles transferred to the airline in your country. You may use these miles for getting free tickets to domestic flights.

URL Rewriting (Search Engine Friendly URLs) in ASP

18 05 2009

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for getting free quality traffic to your website. URL rewriting is an important aspect in SEO. Wondering what is URL rewriting? If you are familar with web development, you might be using querystrings.

For example, take an URL For a search engine article=1234 does not mean anything. Instead if your webpage address is something like, it can make out that the page is related to SEO optimization and it can index your website properly.

The following article shows how to rewrite URLs in Classical ASP. Read the rest of this entry »

Statue of Liberty

14 05 2009
Standing tall, the statue of liberty

Standing tall, the statue of liberty